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Circling Immersion

  • 1205 West 42nd Street Austin, TX, 78756 United States (map)
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You are invited to join us for a Circling and Surrendered Leadership immersion led by Jordan Myska Allen.

This is a 2 day event - Saturday and Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm both days. The cost is $293 for non-studio members.

Austin Circling Studio members get 10% off. Contact team@circlingeurope.com for your coupon code if you're a studio member.

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What will happen?

We are entering into the mystery of being together... we don't know yet who will be there or what kinds of insights we'll encounter, but we know that we'll navigate whatever happens with a deep sense of love. Self-and-other love, relational love, impersonal love, universal love. The kind of love that can be hard and cut through to the heart of the matter, and the kind of love that receives everything with grace and acceptance. Individually and collectively we'll be deepening into expression and attunement, speaking and listening, finding where we can be more liberated and finding where we can be more humbly connected. It will be a weekend of deep meditation, whereby we start to see every occurrence as an expression of Being.

Personal realizations that lead to real and measurable change in one’s leadership and presence are common at these weekends, as well as meaningful social connections, and new ways to communicate more skillfully for deeper and more honest connections inside and outside of Circling events.

What is Circling?

Circling is a relational meditation practice. We bring exquisite attention and awareness to how it is for us to be with each other. It facilitates an opening so that you can feel more of yourself and feel more of what's going on in your relationships.

And circling can be experienced by all people in all stages of life and developments.

More info on www.circlingeurope.com

Questions about this event? Email: team@circlingeurope.com

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Austin SAS Circling and Surrendered Leadership Training

Circling Europe invites you to this 6 month course about integrating the presence and connection of Circling into your everyday life.

This is a 6-month developmental adventure that will likely open you to whole new possibilities in your life and support you in embodying them. By diving into the deeper Integral, spiritual and masculine/feminine principles at the heart of this work, your Circling will be taken to the next level.

It will immerse you into the wide ranging magic of Circling from the basics up to the cutting edge of the practice - Surrendered Leadership. This is a leadership that is sourced from our deepest letting go into the essence of life allowing us to shine into our potentials together. You'll get the chance to learn to lead in this way and to potentially certify as a Circling facilitator.

Common themes we will encounter include; deep listening and honesty, masculine and feminine meeting and integration, holding the light hidden in every one of us to create a field in which our protection mechanisms and old strategies can rest, exploring the archetypal realm, touching our aliveness and relationship to death, deepening our sensitivity to energy, being grounded and accountable in our embodiment in everyday living and developing clarity in our capacity to cognitively map or interpret our experience.

Check out this video for more info...

For more on Circling see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpV_f09Zzt8 and visit www.circlingeurope.com

Circling Europe's SAS programme continues to grow rapidly simply because of how powerful the growth is that people experience during the course and also because of how effective people become in leading Circling.

For more details see: https://circlingeurope.com/product/austin-sas-july-2019/

July 11-14, 2019 (start date – 1st weekend)
October 11 - 14, 2019 (2nd weekend - please note that this is Friday through Monday)
January 9-12, 2020 (3rd weekend)

Led by: Jordan Myska Allen, Valerie Daniel and Michael Blas

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SAS Fiesta

I'm deeply grateful to exist at all. It's such an amazing thing to be alive that I want to put celebrating Being at the explicit heart of this gathering.

I think this celebrating is-ness-itself has always been the heart of Circling—to step into utter awe that perspective can be formed and reflect and be appreciated by awareness-in-and-as-us----as-individuals-perceiving-ourselves-as-separate is a total mystery, and in Circling we take the rare step of not-taking this mystery for granted.

And in Surrendered Leadership we're opening our identity to include more than the self-of-our-personality; we begin to allow ourselves to be personalities but also so much more. And we are always in celebration of the whole of Being in this microcosm of our being, and being part of a group which is part of the whole, and we heighten that gratitude and ecstasy by bringing explicit attention to our already-in-celebration as whole-part-whole.

Enter SAS Fiesta: A four day experiment in Surrendered Celebration.

A playful serious pole; a chaos romp with quite a structure; an experiment in deeper integration—possibly the biggest upleveling of your leadership in the smallest of expected ways.Open to anyone who has completed an SAS or the online course ((Level 1 Certification)).

Cost is $586 (or you can opt for a 3-month payment plan)

To learn more and sign up, go to: https://circlingeurope.com/product/sas-fiesta-in-austin/

Registration will close August 23rd as there’s a great deal more coordination needed to make this smooth.

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