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SAS Fiesta

I'm deeply grateful to exist at all. It's such an amazing thing to be alive that I want to put celebrating Being at the explicit heart of this gathering.

I think this celebrating is-ness-itself has always been the heart of Circling—to step into utter awe that perspective can be formed and reflect and be appreciated by awareness-in-and-as-us----as-individuals-perceiving-ourselves-as-separate is a total mystery, and in Circling we take the rare step of not-taking this mystery for granted.

And in Surrendered Leadership we're opening our identity to include more than the self-of-our-personality; we begin to allow ourselves to be personalities but also so much more. And we are always in celebration of the whole of Being in this microcosm of our being, and being part of a group which is part of the whole, and we heighten that gratitude and ecstasy by bringing explicit attention to our already-in-celebration as whole-part-whole.

Enter SAS Fiesta: A four day experiment in Surrendered Celebration.

A playful serious pole; a chaos romp with quite a structure; an experiment in deeper integration—possibly the biggest upleveling of your leadership in the smallest of expected ways.Open to anyone who has completed an SAS or the online course ((Level 1 Certification)).

Cost is $586 (or you can opt for a 3-month payment plan)

To learn more and sign up, go to:

Registration will close August 23rd as there’s a great deal more coordination needed to make this smooth.

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6:15 PM18:15

Circling Theory

Fresh back from an amazing month of travel, I’ll spend the hour sharing about my experiences and insights from circling in Amsterdam, attending the International Circling Festival in the Netherlands, and leading a workshop at the festival. I feel so deeply fed from the festival, and I want to share the nourishment with you.

Facilitated by Annabeth.

You can register here.

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