I hated Circling when I first tried it. Everyone else clearly sucked at communication and I realized I was even worse. It made me so angry that it was so difficult to speak honestly and accurately about what was happening inside of me and what I saw going on in the Circle. Plus I was constantly judging myself in the Circle for being too passive, not expressive enough, too disconnected from other people. I realized this was a practice I had to stick with and explore what made it so intensely uncomfortable and confronting for me.

I’ve been Circling for 4 years now and leading Circles for the past year and half. Nothing has improved my ability to connect with others and accept and honor my own present moment experience as much as Circling has. Some other lineages and practices that have strongly influenced me are: Embodied polarity practice through the Yoga of Intimacy, Vipassana and Vajrayana Buddhist meditation, and much repeated delving into philosophical and psychological inquiry, especially in healing attachment wounds, and learning how to see through various sub-personalities. I’ve also been a high stakes professional poker player for 10+ years.

Private Sessions with me are 90 minutes to 2 hours. An initial in depth, exploratory session is free.

Regular Rate is $135 for one Session