Photo by Joshua Zader

Photo by Joshua Zader


I’m Blas.  I’ll introduce myself as Mike and I love when you call me Mike, Mikey, Michael, or other iterations but… I’m Blas.  I have a Masters Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology because I believe that people can be happier in their lives, and work is a big part of life.  I have poured myself so far into this meditation of life called circling that I don’t believe I will ever come back.  It is me to be with, you and me.  I started circling rebelliously and dove in without knowing what it was and without much guidance.  I then took every training that felt right for me to take and have assisted at all those trainings numerous times.  I have led my own immersions with amazing facilitators and led innumerable drop-in circling “labs”.  I found through school that the pinnacle of facilitation requires that the group arrives together at a place that they were all inspired to go and that no facilitator can give an experience to another in isolation and have much good come from it.

I coach.  Sometimes it’s on how to be a better circling facilitator.  Sometimes it’s about how to be with the ever-present anxiety someone is feeling.  Sometimes it’s about how to be more active in life, relationship, partnership, family… and I go through it with my clients.  You know how in soccer there’s sometimes players who are also coaches.  That’s me.  I get on the field.  You will open places in me that I have never had the courage to see.  We will find a place where you’re taller than me.  You might learn by watching me how to be with people and things that are taller than you.  I’m usually taller than people at not being taller than people.

I will say what I think you said as I understand it and that technically could be called a reframe.  When you say, “I feel avoidant and that means I don’t care and that I don’t deserve love,” I will believe that you feel avoidant and I will believe that you think that means things and I may ask more questions and I may simply say, “I don’t buy that yet.”

You may come to me asking for me to “mediate” a relationship you’re in.  I’m batting 50/50 on couples staying together after they circle with me.  Two things always happen.  One is that the people get much clearer on what they want and who the person they are with is, simply. Another is that once the initial co-dependencies are seen everyone is going to choose whether they want to be in this relationship.  If it’s fair to say that circling infuses intimacy into relationship then it’s also fair to say that circling speeds break-ups. 

I love coaching and weekend immersions and working with companies and couples and seekers on the paths of truth, beauty, and love.  I secretly read Tibetan Buddhist writings as a kind of balm for my psyche.  I believe in living life and can circle someone who is suicidal without trying to change them.  I know how to win a fight by losing and I know when what looks like “not-circling” is actually the most attuned way of being in the universe (ie. how to negotiate with your boss).

To me circling has polarities because it’s too big to fit into one vista of reality.  At one end circling is a modality and at the other it is a way of being that feels most “me”.  When I’m circling I am me-ing.

I do not cross boundaries.  But I do insist that they be made clear because vague boundaries cross my boundary.  I have no problem if you have a wall but I will demand that you do your best to let me know how close to your wall I may come.  I will applaud you for getting mad at me because I believe that means you trust me.  I will wait as you come to own that anger and I will intensively search for my own karma in the expression.  When you say you have hit your limit I will ask, “Is that a noticing or a request for me to back away?”

You will change me.  I do not believe in casual sex and I do not believe in casual circling.  As I write that I hear song lyrics sing, “I fooled around and fell in love.” 

So… I’m Blas.  Come become being with me.

Private sessions with Blas are 90 minutes:

$105 for one session

$360 for 4 sessions